Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blog Action Day...

I was looking through my RSS reader this morning and came across a blog about "Blog Action Day". The title caught my interest. October 15, 2007 has been deemed "Blog Action Day". The idea behind it all is that bloggers could unite on one day, to speak collectively about one issue: THE ENVIRONMENT. At first, I thought, "What good would it do for me to participate? I am just one tiny blogger, with a rather small voice." But then again I thought, "What good would it do for me to participate? I am one tiny blogger, with a rather small voice....and maybe, just maybe...someone will listen. If only one person makes a change, then I will have made a difference." So here I am....vowing to participate!
Personally, I have been gradually making changes and adjustments in my lifestyle that lean towards being more "green". Nothing drastic...a few of those energy saving light bulbs here or there, unplugging electrical items that don't get used very often at home...things like that. Nothing that most people would truly call "going green". I casually tell myself I am going "light green" sort of a green mixed with a tad of yellow. :-) I am building into my lifestyle conscious efforts to make small changes that I believe will have an impact on the environment. I plan to continue my small steps toward a darker shade of green...I am just a little slow to move there. A new small step for me will be to participate in "Blog Action Day", though I am not exactly sure HOW just yet. My thoughts include getting my students involved at some level. We'll have our classroom blog up and running by October 15th and that may be my level of participation. I really don't know. Take a look at this video, think about participating too and then, if you feel up to it, share your thoughts about participating. Thanks!


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Tony said...

I hear you, Cindy. Light-green describes my current efforts as well. Almost all the bulbs in my home are energy-saving flouresent bulbs. The only ones not meeting this standard are ornamental bulbs in the dining room and bathroom.

Your idea for involing students is a good one. I may do the same with my students. A couple of years ago, our district started an energy savings initiative. I had all my students develop posters that we hung outside our classroom. Unfortunately, some of the posters were defaced or torn down by non-caring individuals.

Let's think of some way we could have our students share. I know the age difference is hugh, but maybe we could figure something out. I will ask my students to think of some ideas, also.