Friday, September 7, 2007

One Blog Leads to Another... last post showed how anxious I was about opening up my Class Blog. I read comments of support left here, thought about it some more..talked it over with a few friends a bit more..... took a deep breath and decided to GO FOR IT!

It's going so incredibly well, that I can't believe I almost set this venture aside!

The kids are LOVING the posts we have made. They are excited about making new friends across the globe. The parents all seem comfortable and excited. All is going well. I look to our new friends in New Zealand for both guidance and inspiration. We were so very touched to see the post/video by our friends at Manaia Kindergarten. Right now my district blocks Google Video, but many of the children watched the video from home. Thanks Tania & Beverly. (Thanks also for help with that "other matter" too Tony!)
I exchanged emails with several other Kindergarten teachers who blog as well. I didn't know they were out there...but one blog leads to another and with the click of a mouse, we're connected! I was visiting the blog by Rachel Boyd because I shared a fantastic video her students made titled: "Why Should We Reduce Rubbish?" with my students ( we ended up having a nice vocabulary lesson as a result). I wanted to leave another comment, but I got distracted and pulled away to visit another blog "21 Century Skills" by Mark Collinson of NSW Australia. There I found a video he posted from EduBloggerWorld. The video was by Jackie H. (Teacher Hacks) and titled "3 Steps". NICELY DONE!

I believe I always challenge my students to compete with themselves... to do their best and then take it up a notch. I watched 3 steps and felt validated in the fact that I am now opening up my students to the concepts of global connections and collaboration. Watch and maybe you'll see what I mean:

I am on a roll now....not overwhelmed or obsessed (despite what my colleagues may think) ;-) I plan to offer many opportunities for my students to experience these 21st Century Skills.

As we make connections with one resource, we find ourselves connected to another. I am excited, they are excited. Not only are we all learning...but having GREAT fun too!

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