Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Been A While...

It seems like a long while since I posted here. I have been rather busy with my day-to-day teaching responsibilities and my Kindergarten class blog. I've enrolled in an online course...continue work on the Kindergarten Curriculum...plan for courses for teachers....contiue to explore Web 2.0 options...and try to have a life! ;-)

It feels like time for some reflection.

I feel as if things are still going well. The kids remain excited about seeing our blog grow and develop. They absolutely LOVE seeing themselves on the computer. I know they check the blog from home because many of them come to class and tell me the saw the latest post. I get positive feedback from parents as well. I expected more comments on the posts, but maybe that will come with time. I hear from parents when they are picking their kids up, and in Email, but many are not yet comfortable with commenting directly on the blog. Even so, I am happy with the way things are going. We have established a good dialogue with our Blog Buddies in New Zealand. We have exchanged video questions and the videos spark interesting discussions among the children. It's AWESOME that we connected with them!

Blog fever is making it's way through several classrooms around the District. The Early Learners blog continues to expand. Mr. Schroeder has created Spring Trail Tiger Times, to communicate with parents from the Principal's office. Brenda, good friend who teaches 2nd grade, launched 2nd Grade News a class blog earlier this week and Julie is another 2nd grade teacher in the District who recently launched her class blog, What's Happening in 2nd Grade, as well. It's exciting to see all of this blogging. We've only been in school a month and things are looking great. I can't wait to see where we are by the end of the school year!!!

I remain inspired!

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