Monday, October 8, 2007

Journey into the Unknown....

Each day I find myself connecting with more and more resources on the Internet. As I indicated earlier this year, I am trying to make use of the Web 2.0 tools that are available online. I am in a constant state of awe as I find resources through Delicious, Google Reader, blogs and more. It is part of my daily routine to check these resources to see what new and interesting ideas and additional resources have popped up overnight. Being new to this thing called Web 2.0, I am in many ways, playing catch-up! I find myself drawn to articles and blogs of interest that are several months, if not years old.
I came across the article “Are Your Students (and Teachers) Building Networks?” by Will Richardson. It’s dated almost a full year from today and yet it is very inspiring to me. While I know I have a long way to go, I can honestly say I am making a full blown attempt at what Richardson outlines in the article. He asks, are you teaching your students how to build these connections, construct their own learning networks that will nurture them once they leave your schools? Are your teachers modeling their learning for their students by building their own networks that range far outside their classroom walls? Are you becoming part of a larger community that can offer perspective, new ideas, and support your work?
I feel very confident in saying “Yes Will, I am!”
I feel as if I am on a never ending journey... to a place I may never really get to see. The view along the way is absolutely breathtaking.... I am doing all I can to pick up as many students, teachers and parents on the road as I can and bring them along for the ride.

What a wonderful ride this is turning out to be….

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