Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finding Time...

I have been spending the past week or so browsing several blogs that are new to me. I am both impressed and motivated to perk things up a bit on my own blogs. Seeing what's new and exciting, and how other teachers are using their blogs causes me to long for the days when I held "Techy-Tuesday" and Graduate classes for the teachers in my District. Those days seem worlds away to me right now. Economic hardships within the District have left little if any funds for improvements in the area of technology. We are using very old computers and as they break down, they are not being replaced. They have pretty much cut out all professional development for teachers as it relates to implementing and infusing technology into the curriculum.
As I look around at other teacher's sites on the Internet, I become inspired to find ways to share with my teachers again. The challenge will be to use what is available and try to be as helpful and supportive as possible.
Back when I taught courses for teachers, there was a sense that many of them felt technology was "just one more thing" piled on their already overloaded plates. It was always my desire to help them see at least one lesson or idea they could take back and use in the classroom right away.
That is the motivation I am having as I look at some new areas in the blogging world. I am inspired to teach the courses help those I teach with see what's out there that is fun, exciting and useful to them.
I plan to share some links and ideas. I hope that some of the teachers in the District will have their interest level raised and begin to investigate ways they can use the online communities and resources to support their efforts in the classroom.

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